Kappa Omega Tau Offices and Position Descriptions


  •  Responsible for all fraternity activities
  •  Serve as Chairman of the executive board
  •  Preside over all fraternity meetings
  •  Appoint a new officer if an existing officer can not finish his term
  •  Appoints a chaplain for the semester in office

Chief Justice

  •  Preside over voting meetings
  •  Guard the door at fraternity meetings
  •  Responsible for administering disciplinary actions
  •  Preside over meetings the president cannot attend
  •  Head of Executive Pledges, Associate Justices
  •  Plan and manage new member education


  • Supervise and set up all fraternity service projects
  • Attend service week for pledges


  • Supervise all fraternity social functions
  • Responsible for planning spring pledge dance, hurricane and sorority mixers
  • In charge of setting up, staying the entire time, and cleaning up


  • Responsible for all academic functions of the fraternity
  • Supervise study hall for the pledge class
  • Maintain and update test files
  • Enforce policies for inactive members


  • Maintain contact with the KOT Alumni Association and Alumni Board
  • Keep fraternity involved with Alumni Association
  • Assist in setting up events for Alumni


  • Coordinate all pledging activities
  • Plan pledgeship along with the president, chief justice, and executive pledges


  • Maintain a record of all financial transactions
  • Collect payments from members for dues, shirts, etc.
  • Create a budget to be implemented for academic year
  • Elected for a full-year (2 semester) commitment at the end of each Spring semester

Executive Pledges (6) 

  • **4 are elected by membership & 2 are appointed by President
  • Responsible for assisting the pledgemaster in planning pledgeship
  • Attend weekly exec meetings until pledgeship is finished
  • Meet nightly during pledgeship

Rush Chairs (5)

  • Responsible for all organization and planning of five rush events
  • Maintains contact with Coordinator of Fraternities during rush
  • One rush chair shall attend Exec meetings during rush

Master of Communications

  • Responsible for managing and updating the Kappa Omega Tau website, Baylor email listserv, KΩT email listserv, and all other communications

Associate Justice (4)

  • Responsible for calling membership per the president’s request
  • Responsible for counting votes at all voting meetings with Chief Justice upon request

Corresponding Secretary

  • In charge of writing thank you letters to whomever (marriage, death, people that helped with pigskin/float, Baylor administration, sororities, etc.)
  • Responsible for maintaining good public relations

Recording Secretary

  • Responsible for recording roll and taking minutes of meeting
  • Responsible for producing the roster

Keeper of the Sponsors

  • Responsible for informing all sponsors of any fraternity activity

Keeper of the Sweetheart

  • Responsible for informing sweetheart of any fraternity activity
  • Pick up sweetheart for meeting and take her home after meeting
  • Coordinate the agenda for sweetheart tea in April


  • Responsible for recreating something to maintain history (includes list of pledge classes, minutes of meeting, pictures, etc.)
  • Update the history sheet for pledges and pledge on history

Internal Auditor

  • Responsible for assisting treasurer on financial duties

Inventory Chair

  • Track all of KOT’s materials and tools

**All members of exec and other officers are expected to attend Club meetings, exec meetings, and any other service project or social function sponsored by the fraternity.