KΩT Verbalizes Commitment to Local Charity

Throughout the Fall semester of 2014, the members of Kappa Omega Tau have conducted many service projects on Saturday mornings following suit of years past.  These service projects often involve hard manual labor like clearing out old buildings, delivering furniture to families from warehouses, and prepping facilities for total transformation/demolition.  We have been doing these projects with a local charity, Just as I am Ministries, and have truly enjoyed getting to work with such great people.

Today, with the sending of an email to the Kappa Omega Tau Mom's Network, we verbalized our commitment to the charity and hope that we can continue the commitment for as long as possible

Michael Summers, KΩT's current Vice President of Service said, "Our commitment to just as I am ministries is a verbal commitment between myself and their CEO Dr. Patricia Iglehart. We have commited to helping them on a somewhat consistent basis with their manual labor and heavy labor needs.  My vision is to partner with an organization that has an immediate need on a frequent basis both so that we can fulfill a consistent need and so KOT can see the impact it's making over time."

For more information on KΩT's commitment to serving the communities of Baylor and Waco, please visit our Service Page.