Featured Rag of the Week- Turner Ogle (9/25/18)


Turner Ogle

Turner is a sophomore from Seaside, FL and is studying Business. He pledged in the spring of 2018 and comes from a long line of KOT Legacies. His dad, Kyle Ogle, pledged in 1989 and his mother, Darla Ogle, was the Sweetheart in 1992. Turner’s uncles, Brad Ogle and Darren Ward, pledged in 1991 and 1987. Turner loves the brotherhood and lifelong friendships that he has through KOT. We are so honored to see Turner grow as a man and carry on his family’s KOT Legacy.

Featured Rag of the Week- Joel Badders (9/4/18)


Joel Badders

This week's Featured Rag of the Week is Joel Badders sp ‘16. Joel is a senior from Nacogdoches, Tx and is serving as the service chair for the Fall 2018 semester. Joel is majoring in Biology and has intentions to go to med school after graduation. Joel is constantly serving the Club, our Waco community, and the Lord. We are honored to have Joel as our first Featured Rag of the Week. Thank you for everything you do Joel!

The Really Big Fishing Event for Very Special People

Each year, Kappa Omega Tau gets the phenomenal opportunity to be a part of one of the most special events to take place in Waco, The Really Big Fishing Event for Very Special People.  Taking place at the Heart of Texas Fairgrounds, this year marked the 29th year for the event and some say it gets even more special as the years pass. 

KΩT Takes New Orleans

As tradition has it, every year the men of Kappa Omega Tau plan and organize a three day mission trip to start off their Spring breaks.  In recent years we've been everywhere from Arkansas to Mississippi to Florida and this year we've decided to commit to the city of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Once there, we'll be doing projects such as building teaching kitchens for the lower income areas of East New Orleans, working on a not-for-profit produce farm that supplies the school district with produce for school lunches, and even doing neighborhood renewal work to help make still-affected parts of the city more livable even for those with lower incomes.  Those are just some of the types of the almost 10 projects that we'll be taking part in while in New Orleans.

Please contact us if you would like to make a donation or learn more about our annual mission trip.

Christmas on Fifth, Christmas Tree Lighting

“This is an opportunity not to glorify our name but the name of Jesus Christ,” Wiley said. “Everything that we are doing, selling shirts, filling out forms, setting up stages, making appointments, allows us to bring glory to God.”

“To us that’s a big deal,” Wiley said.

Kappa Omega Tau Officers for Spring 2015


Kappa Omega Tau met as a club to elect the newest officers for the Spring semester of 2015.  We are excited for and confident in the new leadership of the club and cannot wait for them to continue furthering our mission to positively impact the communities of Waco and Baylor.  The newly elected officers are as follows:

  • President - Van East
  • Chief Justice - Jonny Wills
  • PM - Dale Wallace
  • Vice President, Service - Tyler Woodby
  • Vice President, Social - Blake McCarter
  • Vice President, Alumni - David Winston
  • Vice President, Academic - Austin Tucker
  • Rush Chairmen
    • Evan Anthony
    • Lee Gorman
    • Joseph Kammer
    • William Nettles
    • Luke Stainback
  • Keeper of the Sweetheart - Tyler Underwood
  • Keeper of the Sponsors - Pearson Brown
  • Associate Justices
    • Mason Hart
    • Michael Miller
    • Ryan McLoughlin
    • Kyle Stringer
  • Historian - Cole Cammack
  • Internal Auditor - Josh Smith
  • Corresponding Secretary - Geoff Heppes
  • Recording Secretary - Hunter Ward
  • Inventory Chairman - David Chance

For more information on how to contact the newly elected officers if needed, please check our Contact page.

KΩT Verbalizes Commitment to Local Charity

Throughout the Fall semester of 2014, the members of Kappa Omega Tau have conducted many service projects on Saturday mornings following suit of years past.  These service projects often involve hard manual labor like clearing out old buildings, delivering furniture to families from warehouses, and prepping facilities for total transformation/demolition.  We have been doing these projects with a local charity, Just as I am Ministries, and have truly enjoyed getting to work with such great people.

Today, with the sending of an email to the Kappa Omega Tau Mom's Network, we verbalized our commitment to the charity and hope that we can continue the commitment for as long as possible

Michael Summers, KΩT's current Vice President of Service said, "Our commitment to just as I am ministries is a verbal commitment between myself and their CEO Dr. Patricia Iglehart. We have commited to helping them on a somewhat consistent basis with their manual labor and heavy labor needs.  My vision is to partner with an organization that has an immediate need on a frequent basis both so that we can fulfill a consistent need and so KOT can see the impact it's making over time."

For more information on KΩT's commitment to serving the communities of Baylor and Waco, please visit our Service Page.