Over 50 Years of Tradition

In the fall of 1960, the idea of kidnapping the freshman class president sparked into the minds of seventeen sophomores planning to begin a new club. Needless to say, the kidnapping was successful, but something far more important came out of that group of men.

On November 6, 1960, these sophomores chartered a club known as the Knights of Tradition, which is represented by the Greek letters Kappa Omega Tau. Immediately, invitations were sent out to others who helped in the kidnapping, and by the third meeting membership had grown to twenty-one.

KΩT has grown from seventeen charter members to the present 1,443 (number of actives and alumni combined). KΩT's primary purpose has always been to conduct itself in excellence, imagination, friendship, and most importantly service. Each member is an individual contributor to KΩT and to the innovative, progressive, and rewarding character around which it is molded. KΩT thrives on tradition, yet always believes in adding to it.


Charter Members

Ken Adams • Jerry Benson • Lloyd Cloud • Jerry Crosby • Edwin Dyer

Hal Felty • David Griffith • Charles Grisham • Herbert Lewis • Robert Lyon

Pat McCuan* • George Morris   Jerry Morriss • Larry Philpot • John Rudd

Milton Talbert • Buddy White

* Denotes First President


  • Dr. Alton Hassell – On–campus Sponsor (1995 – present) – Email Dr. Hassell
  • Mr. and Mrs. Les Palmer – Off–campus Sponsor (1995 – present


Kappa Omega Tau's sweetheart for the 2014–2015 school year is the beautiful, Miss Stephanie Mastor. Stephanie is a senior from Dallas, TX majoring in Marketing. Stephanie was also a member of Pi Beta Phi, and pledged in spring 2012.


President Bio

Van East is a senior from Nashville, TN majoring in Finance. He pledged in the spring of 2012. Van is one of the smartest, most well spoken guys you will ever meet and we are so honored to be able to call him our president. 

Float & Sing

Float Themes

  • 2015 • Click here to learn more about Homecoming 2015!
  • 2014 • Bruiser Pier • 1st Place Judges Award
  • 2013 • The OSO Magnificent Bruiser • 1st Place Judges Award
  • 2012 • Sailing over Neverland • 1st Place Class A
  • 2011 • Baylor Flyer • 1st Place Judge's Award
  • 2010 • Bear Country Fair • 1st Place Judge's Award
  • 2009 • The Jungle Book • 1st Place Class A
  • 2008 • Peter Pan • 1st Place Judge's Award

Sing Acts

  • 2015 • The Grand Hotel • TBD
  • 2014 • The Battle Within • 1st Place 
  • 2013 • Ghosts Call • 1st Place
  • 2012 • Standing Small • 2nd Place
  • 2011 • The Show Must Go On • 2nd Place
  • 2010 • The Toys are Back in Town • 1st Place
  • 2009 • Steppin' to the Badside • 2nd Place
  • 2008 • From the Bayou to the Big Easy • 2nd Place