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Please note, if you'd like to contact us in writing or need to send something to our organization, please direct all mail to Kappa Omega Tau Fraternity, One Bear Place #85589 Waco, TX 76798. Thank you.

Fall 2017 Officers

President: Will Troop*

Chief Justice: Jake Hockett*
VP Service: Luke Walker*
VP Social: Bennett Shilling*
VP Academic : Bryan Rhodes*
VP Alumni: Andrew Reppert*
Treasurer: Sam Davis*

Pledgemaster: Matt Cloud

Rush Chairmen:
Chase Trammel
Joel Badders
Jake Elkins
Truett Newton
Will Ryan

Keeper of the Sweetheart:
Greyson Gonzalez

Keeper of the Sponsors:
Reed Hatley

Freshman Annual Chairmen:
Breuer Bass
Cale Cherry

Breuer Bass
Graham Ellis

Associate Justices:

Payne Winter
John Robert Gilley IV
Michael Cannaday
Preston Paul


Mission Trip Chairmen:

Bryan Rhodes
Luke Walker
Jase Miller
Cole McKechnie
Dexter Robinson
Cody Reeter



Chaplain: Cody Reeter

Kaiser Arnhart
Corresponding Secretary:
Travis Watson
Recording Secretary:
Jason Fedderal
Internal Auditor:
Price Peters
Inventory Chair:
Jack Haseman

Float Chairmen:

Sam Park
Craig Lair
Michael Cannaday
Mac Sellers
Dexter Robinson
Truitt Arnhart

Sing Chairmen:

Travis Warren
Preston Atwood
Lance Gilliland
Connor Reese
Reed Hatley 

Christmas Tree Chairman:

Andrew Reppert
Wade Touchstone
Sam Davis
Jake Elkins
Ben Tucker
Breuer Bass

Members of Executive Committee*:

Chris Moize  Cale Cherry
Joey Phillips  Adam Nagle-Perkins
Breuer Bass   Lance Gilliland



* Denotes Member of Executive Committee